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Teegarden Residence

Sorry it took a while for this letter of thanks to reach you, but we had a busy summer swimming in our beautiful new pool. It's been a great addition to our family home. I want to thank you for making the process as painless as possible. During building, you were always available when we needed to get in touch with you, and now that the process is complete, we're still finding you available and accommodating when little things come up. Add the fact that you're just a genuinely nice guy, and it made dealing with you and your team very plesant. We're also appreciative that things remained on schedule. People are amazed to hear that we finished in 3 months, just as you had projected - even more amazing considering we started during the summer high season. We got worried a few times, but you said you knew what was going on, and when thing would next progress, adn they did. I also want to praise the quality of our pool, spa and decking. We had friends building pools during the same time period, and I can't tell you how much nicer ours came out. Your guys did a great job making things looed finished and beautiful. Thanks again for helping us achieve our goal of an aesthetically pleasing, kid friendly, fun back yard. We recommend you whenever we're asked about our pool.